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Welcome to DontBuyIceCream.com, the child sponsorship website.

  • To promote child sponsorship
  • To answer your questions about sponsoring a child
  • To help you to make a difference!

This website is dedicated to helping people in the UK who are thinking of sponsoring a child living in poverty but have lots of unanswered "how, why, where, when, what and who" questions.  This is a non-profit making website, and is not affiliated to any one charity - we represent all equally.  We simply wish to spread the word about the benefits (both to you and the child's family and community) of sponsoring a child in the 3rd world.

DBIC is not a charity, so please do not send us any money.  All charities referred and linked to in this website are registered with the Charity Commission in the UK.  Please contact the charities directly if you wish to become a sponsor.

We've added below a summary of what's on each page to make it easier to find your way around:

Is It For You? - overview of a sponsors commitment, and how sponsorship benefits the child, their family and their community.  It also includes useful sections on the Government's Gift Aid scheme, and the things you need to consider when becoming a sponsor.

Sponsorship FAQ's - a full list of frequently asked questions that apply generically to all charities offering child sponsorship.  Also includes links to FAQ's page of all major sponsorship charities.

The Sponsorship Experience - stories from new and existing sponsors about their experience of sponsoring a child living in poverty.

Which Charity? - details regarding the charities through which you can sponsor a child.  This includes numerous links to interesting pages on their websites about child sponsorship, where they work, and the projects they undertake in each country.

Stats & Facts - useful statistics and facts on the countries where child sponsorship is possible.  It also has direct links to the relevant page of each charity's website for all countries they work in.

Additional Info - some useful links to websites containing information on child welfare, world health and economy, poverty, famine etc.  It also contains information about The Hunger Site for quick and free charitable donations.

Contact Us - details on how to send us your feedback.

.......And look for the "ice cream" type facts (in bold) at the bottom of each page - they really do make you think!

We've contacted all the charities listed on the Which Charity? page to tell them about DBIC.  The feedback has been very positive.  Below are some examples received to date:

"We are very happy with the work that you have done bringing together so much information about child sponsorship from the many different UK charities that offer different forms of sponsorship.  Child sponsorship as a whole raises considerable amounts of money for the world's most needy children and anything that helps more people to learn about it is very positive.  We continue to get 30-40 visitors every month from your site, and have had several new sponsors who specifically cited the information on your site as the motivation for becoming a sponsor.  Thank you for putting this together so well."

"I have been reading through your website and would like to say that I am really impressed with not only the content, which appears to give a very fair, accurate and personal representation of sponsorship across all organisations but also through all of the dedication and time you have obviously spent on putting this together.  You are doing fantastic work on behalf of us all and the website looks fantastic.

We have already received a number of visitors from DontBuyIceCream to the Plan site and some of these have since chosen to become sponsors as well which means that through your efforts we are already able to help even more children, their families and communities in the countries that we work.  Thank you once again for all of your support."

And also - "I just wanted to let you know that we have received another 5 sponsors over the last couple of weeks referring to your website. This is fantastic news so thanks once again for all of your work."

And best of all, we recently received this - "I just wanted to send a quick email to say that we have received another 7 new sponsors over the last month who have come to us after visiting your site.  We often receive compliments on your site and our Chief Executive, Marie Staunton thinks it is wonderful. Thanks once again for all of you dedication to this, to Plan and all of the other organisations."

"We are grateful for your website.  We have had 123 visits to our website - Go International Foundation (UK) as a result of DontBuyIceCream.  We have had a couple of new sponsors through the website.  Thanks again."

"I am pleased to say that already we have had several enquiries about our child sponsorship scheme based on your site.  3 of these have already become child sponsors." 

"Thanks for all the work you are doing with the website. You have certainly put quite a bit of research in there.  Well done.  We have at least two (new sponsors) from your site."

"Just let you know we have had at least 3 sponsors who mention DontBuyIceCream on their applications.  Of them, one lady talked to her family and friends and as a result about 4 more children have been sponsored.   Those whom I spoke to found the site very helpful for comparative sake and made it much easier than visiting all the different websites and looking for the relevant information.  Thanks for what you are doing."

"How refreshing to find someone doing such good work on our behalf. Bless you! It is a good looking site too - well done for presenting the info in an easy to find format."

"Thank you so much for putting An Open Door on your wonderful site.  We have received a sponsorship today from your link."

"We've had quite a few sponsorships coming from people directed from DontBuyIceCream.  I had to write and thank you again for all your efforts - they're really appreciated, especially by all our children in Uganda."

"Thank you for including us on your website.  It looks great!"

"I congratulate you on an excellent website.  We have been receiving referrals to our website from it.  Thank you for what you are doing to increase the number of people who sponsor children."

"I'm pleased to tell you that we gained a new sponsor yesterday who heard of Enable from your site and visited all the charities listed before deciding to sponsor a child with us.  No doubt, many others are sponsoring children with other charities via your site too.  So thank you for your helpfulness!  Your website is providing an invaluable service to small charities like ours -and helping us to make a life-transforming difference for the very needy disabled children we are caring for."

"Over the past two months 87 visitors have come directly from your website, which is just wonderful.  Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to display our information on your site. I think it is wonderful to give people choice as to which charity they give to and your site does just that."

It is fantastically gratifying to know that DBIC is starting to have an effect.  Here’s to even more success in the future.

You may be wondering why a website that promotes child sponsorship appears to be having a swipe at the ice cream industry.  That's not our intention at all - I love ice cream!  The inspiration for the name came about as a result of our own research into child sponsorship when we happened upon a most amazing fact:

"Europeans spend £7.3bn on ice cream each year - enough money to provide safe water for every child on earth."   Ice Cream.  Water.  ALL children.  WOW!!  This one fact made us realise how little we'd have to give up to make a huge difference to someone less fortunate than ourselves.

It seems we’re not the only one’s astounded by this fact.  None other than Sir Bob Geldof used it to promote the Band Aid 20 record when Will Young mentioned this fact on the Chris Moyles Radio 1 Breakfast Show.  So the message is clear – DontBuyIceCream!

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